Business Advisory Services

Our organisation offers business advisory services in selecting the right type of company that is more suitable to your needs, establishment and maintenance of companies, corporate structures, foundations and trusts. A variety of other services related to legal, accounting and auditing matters, are available through our high valued network of lawyers, accountants and tax advisors when in need for a professional advice.

The above mentioned professionals provide the advice and knowledge to you for the fair presentation of the results of your companies and ensure that they conform to the policies, regulations and common practices.

We can offer guidance on the following:

Business Plan development: We can help you set your goals, find the reasons why they are believed attainable, and develop the plan for reaching those goals. Also, we can provide you with background information about the organisation or team in order to make it easier for you to reach those goals. Sample Business Plan can also be given to you on demand.

MarketResearch:  After constructing your business plan, we conduct research and gather information regarding prices, quality of products/services, consumers’ behavior, population demographics and social trends. Our research includes social and opinion research, and the collection of information is completed through surveys, interviews, observation, focus groups and any other available means. Then we proceed with interpretation of information by using statistical and analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences to gain insight or support decision making.

Market entry into new jurisdictions: Every jurisdiction is governed by local rules and regulations, international and sometimes from international agreements, such as the Double Taxation Treaties. Most countries in the world choose to enter into such agreements with one another for economical reasons and to build new relationships. Upon your request of embarking into new markets, we can assist you on making the right decision and informing you of the risks, advantages and disadvantages of such decision. Finally our high-net value of associates will be ready to assist you with your queries and questions.

Assistance with the Implementation of trading, investing and other structures: Before entering into a new market you must be informed about the legal system which might conceal restrictions for some business sectors.  Trading, Licenses and other kinds of standards are involved in these procedures, so it is essential to ask for our experts’ support and also the International Division of our strongest associate will be ready to provide you with all the above-mentioned support.

Corporate Governance and International Compliance: This is a very sensitive issue which should not be taken lightly. By conducting proper corporate governance within your organisation you sustain a strong corporate image outside the organisation.  We can assist you conduct corporate governance policies which will keep all your stakeholders including shareholders, board of directors, employees, customers, creditors, suppliers and the community at large more than satisfied. The key to accomplish this is to take into consideration the customs, policies, laws and institutions of the jurisdiction of your preference since business environment is becoming more competitive as time goes by.

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