Nominee Services

Our organisation provides a variety of nominees from a range of nationalities according to your requirements. These nominees may act as directors, secretaries, shareholders, members, and/or designated members.

As nominees, we do not really interfere in the operation of your company’s affairs and/or decisions. You will still need to carry out the duty of the company appointment, but we will take care of any signing of documents, loans or agreements after receipt of written instructions from the Beneficial Owner of the company.

Nominee director
The Companies Act 2006 with all the relevant updates requires a minimum of one physical person to act as the Director in private companies limited by shares. In this manner, by using nominee directors the client's anonymity and confidentiality are ensured. The fundamental purpose of the Nominee Director is to protect actual owners of the company except as required by law.

Nominee Secretary
Nominee Secretary can either be a company or a physical person who will act as your company's secretary on your behalf. Although a secretary is not obligatory by the law, it is highly recommended, as the company will look more professional and it is common practice through the business environment. In case you decide to use one of our nominees to act as a Secretary on your behalf, then their responsibility is to follow your written instructions except as required by law.     

Nominee Shareholder
According to the United Kingdom Companies Law, all shareholders’ information must be kept at the company's registered office and recorded at Companies House. In the event that a shareholder is a company, then the registered office is required by law to hold information leading to the actual shareholder, meaning physical person.  By using nominee shareholders, the client's anonymity and confidentiality are ensured except as required by law.


Designated Members:
A designated member is responsible for valid commercial reasons, LLP may also wish to keep secret their ownership of development companies.

Designated members are responsible for appointing an auditor (if one is needed), signing the accounts on behalf of the members, delivering the accounts to Companies House, notifying Companies House of any membership changes or change to the registered office address or name of the LLP, preparing, signing and delivering the annual return to Companies House and acting on behalf of the LLP if it is wound up and dissolved. Also, they are accountable in law for failing to carry out these legal responsibilities.

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